Ocean State's Jedi Knight, OFA

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May 2011
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April 2011
Newborn Jedi & Littermates
April 16, 2011

Jedi was Mr. Lime Green from  Ocean State Shilohs' 2011 Ursa-Rafe litter.

As our first Shiloh, he is the one that started our love of the breed.

Jedi has always been a very confident dog.  From the moment we took him out of his
 crate at the airport, it was like "HERE I AM!"  He is also very intelligent; it seems  like
he was house trained the moment we got him home.  Never an accident.  So impressive!

Jedi is a very vocal dog (he talks with you).
 He is very sweet and loving; gentle with others.

He should have been called "Shadow" because where you are is where he wants to be.

Jedi has passed his health testing.

To date, he has sired two beautiful litters:

5 Puppies with Shining Star's Mercy (2013)
11 Puppies with Shining Star's Briar Rose (2015)

Contact Us to learn more about using Jedi at stud!

Full Name/Title: Ocean State's Jedi Knight, OFA (Jedi)
Color: Black & Tan Sable Plush
Born: April 16, 2011
Ocean State's White Bear (Ursa)
Sire: JNL's His Majesty Rafe of Oatka (Rafe)
Hips: OFA Good (SLH-651G27M-NOPI)
Elbows: OFA Normal (SLH-EL417M27-NOPI)
Cardiac: OFA Normal (SLH-CA472/27M/P-NOPI)
Thryoid: OFA Normal (
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